Research and Development

R&D is a systematic and organized process that companies, organizations, and governments use to create, innovate, and improve products, services, processes, or technologies. R&D is a critical component of innovation and is essential for staying competitive in various industries. Our team of innovation consulting experts and R&D engineers will provide the technological expertise needed to fuel your ideas. They will collaborate with you to identify the most effective approach tailored to your specific goals and objectives, ensuring that your innovations are not only nurtured but also strategically guided to maximize potential impact.

Tappware always researches the client’s requirements and finds out the best development technology to fulfill the client’s satisfaction. We provide the R&D solution to clients for the best roadmap, designing, and capacity management of products and new ways of providing services.

Our Research and Development Process

Generate the ideas

This phase involves brainstorming and idea generation. It’s about coming up with innovative concepts and potential projects that could lead to new products, technologies, or improvements.

Refine the ideas

After generating ideas, the next step is to evaluate and refine them. This involves assessing the feasibility, market potential, and alignment with company goals. Ideas that show promise are selected for further development.

Basic Research

Basic research, also known as fundamental or pure research, is focused on gaining a deeper understanding of scientific principles and phenomena. It lays the groundwork for future applied research and product development. Basic research is often conducted in academic or research institutions.

Applied Research

Applied research takes the knowledge gained from basic research and applies it to practical problems or challenges. It aims to develop specific solutions, technologies, or products. This phase often takes place in a more controlled and structured environment.


In the development phase, the concepts and research findings are transformed into tangible products, processes, or prototypes. This phase includes designing, testing, and refining the practical application of the research.


Innovation is an overarching theme throughout the R&D process. It involves the creative and practical application of ideas to generate value. Innovations can occur at any stage of the process, from idea generation to development.

Scaling Up

Once a product or technology has been developed successfully, the next step is to scale up production or implementation. This phase involves expanding operations, optimizing processes, and preparing for market launch or widespread adoption.

We will help you to

  • Research on Solution Development
  • Research on Product Development
  • Research on Service Enhancement
  • Research on Capacity Development & Management