Enterprise Solution Development

Utilize our extensive 11-years experience in developing software, integrating APIs, modernizing outdated systems, and streamlining application portfolios.


Custom Enterprise Software

Enhance critical aspects of your enterprise by implementing scalable software solutions that support your business infrastructure. Leverage our industry-specific expertise to create, develop, and expand your new enterprise software solution.

Enterprise Mobility Services

Our comprehensive enterprise mobility solutions enable organizations to effectively and securely manage the widespread utilization of mobile devices, accommodating a significant user base within their business setting.

Digital Transformation Services

Maintain a competitive edge by implementing an impactful data management strategy, predictive analytics, and intelligent automation. Rely on our extensive expertise in cutting-edge technologies like Big Data, Data Science, Cognitive Computing, Blockchain, and other emerging innovations.

Data Management

Certain applications require data to remain within a specific geographical or organizational boundary due to privacy and security concerns. Edge computing allows data to be processed locally, reducing the need to transmit sensitive information across long distances, which can mitigate security risks.

Software Integration

Enhance your software infrastructure with robust microservices, dependable APIs, and seamless data integration. Initiate your business strategy with our all-encompassing enterprise application development services or leverage our enterprise app integration solutions.

Legacy Application Modernization

Outdated software poses significant risks and can result in high maintenance costs. Engage our team of skilled experts to conduct a thorough analysis of features and technical aspects in your legacy solution, and enhance it using cutting-edge tools and technologies.


With extensive proficiency in all the essential areas of dependable software development, Tappware has evolved into a global
contender in enterprise software engineering.

Artificial Intelligence

Leverage AI-powered algorithms, including machine and deep learning, to automate various operations, extract valuable insights from Big Data, enable foolproof decision-making by your employees, and unlock numerous other benefits.

Interner of Things

Implement a secure and robust infrastructure that employs IoT devices for continuous monitoring of your operations. These devices will collect valuable Big Data, enabling to streamline operations, acquire insights, and enhance employee decision-making.

Block Chain

Utilize a private blockchain to enhance the security of your business data, automate crucial operations through Smart Contracts, establish a marketplace based on blockchain technology, and unlock a multitude of additional advantages.

Cloud Computing

To transform your business environment into a flexible, scalable, and interconnected ecosystem. Harness our proficiency in enterprise application development to seamlessly transition your mobile strategy to the cloud.

Big Data

Establish a scalable approach to enhance your business intelligence, establish a dependable method for data analysis, and provide your employees a comprehend customer preferences and market trends.

Augmented Reality

Utilize augmented reality (AR) to construct 3D prototypes, integrate AR-based enterprise training software, and conduct meetings in AR. This advanced technology will enhance operational efficiency and facilitate cost reduction within your organization.


In a structured and systematic manner, we apply industry-leading practices and development methodologies to construct
efficient enterprise software development processes and solutions.

Software testing is the act of checking whether software satisfies expectations. Software testing can provide objective, independent information about the quality of software and the risk of its failure to a user or sponsor.

To meet the customer’s expectations, we gather pertinent information and tailor custom software development solutions accordingly.

Based on the requirement specifications, we meticulously prepare the system and associated documents, enabling us to establish the system architecture and determine the appropriate technology stack.

Following the completion of the requirement analysis phase, the subsequent step involves delineating and documenting the software requirements.

The development process commences as developers construct the entire system by employing the chosen programming language, techniques, and methodologies to write the necessary code.

Upon completion, the final software is released and assessed for any potential deployment issues.

In adherence to the service level agreement, we guarantee the continuous satisfaction of requirements and the system’s adherence to the specifications outlined during the initial phase.


With comprehensive expertise covering all the essential aspects of dependable software development, Tappware has evolved into a global contender in the realm of enterprise application development services.

Languages: PHP, Java, C#, Python, Swift, Kotlin

Framework: CakePHP, Laravel, .NET, Apache, NodeJs,Flutter

Mobile: iOS, Android, HTML5, React, JavaScript

Web: Vue, Angular

Database: NoSQL, MySQL, Oracle SQL, PostgreSQL

Cloud: Oracle Cloud, NDC, 4TDC, BDCL

Project: GitBook, iTop, Openproject