In the civil and criminal justice system, case management is a costly and time consuming process. This hinders the access to justice for the poor and marginalized sections of the society. As a result, the citizens seeking justice have to bear high expenses in the transaction.

The CTA of Tappware Solutions Limited, Mr. Kamruzzaman Nition was going to the Supreme Court of Bangladesh for attending a seminar to discuss on the access of benefits of judiciary automation and given his valuable speech. Some benefits are given below for more understanding.

The following are some of the benefits of judiciary automation:
  1. Judges will directly benefit from the digitization of the judiciary through the e-Judiciary project. This will save them time, money and effort. They will be able to get the necessary information about their case through short message (SMS) or telephone conversation;
  2. Judicial candidates will receive justice in a short time;
  3. Get their judicial services as e-services on Judicial Portals and National Web Portals;
  4. Be able to appear in court via video conference and have witnesses or evidence through online communication;
  5. It takes time and energy for lawyers to appear in person in each court. E-Judiciary will benefit the legal community by saving time and energy. If they cannot handle it manually they will be able to sue online and submit their papers, documents, evidence, arguments;
  6. The virtual court system will attract foreign investors to apply online to the court for speedy settlement of their commercial disputes. It will boost their confidence in our justice system and assure them of justice in case of any possible incidents or concerns;
  7. It will help the judiciary keep pace with changes in other departments and deliver the best in dealing with transnational organized crime such as human trafficking, terrorism, money laundering and cybercrime.

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