What is IoT

The word IoT stands for Internet of Things, which refers a shared network of linked devices and the technology that enables the communication between smart or non-devices and the cloud as well as between the smart or non-devices themselves.

Why IoT is important?

Nowadays IoT becomes an important piece of technology which growing greatly over time alongside human life. There is a good number of big advantages of using IoT. The importance is been explained below

  • Minimize Human Effort: As IoT enables devices to be connected with each other they can communicate smartly between them without any human interaction. As IoT system is smart so the devices can automatically allocate the task between them.
  • Save Time: As human interaction with machines is fewer humans can multitask by saving time.
  • Enhanced data collection: Information is easily available even if we leave the workstation. The information will be uploaded into the system in real-time so that the fetch of data accessibility and data credibility will be enhanced.
  • Improved security: If any of the IoT systems are being deployed into any house or work station humans can monitor the house or work station with the help of the technology
  • Efficient resource utilization:  By monitoring human effort as well as people management can be used more accurately for task allocation.
  • Useful in the Healthcare industry: Patient care can be performed more effectively in real-time without the doctor’s visit.