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We can help ease the headache of lost source code by recovering or redeveloping it for you. We can also rebuild broken source code repositories. Source Code Recovery.

Lost source code is a major headache and, potentially, a very time-consuming problem to fix. If you have in-house software developers you could consider redeveloping the lost code, but it likely won’t be 100% the same and it’s a frustrating job for your developers who are in effect doing the work twice. Your other option is to recover the lost source code.




How our software developers can help you


Whether you decide to try to recover your lost code, or redevelop it, we can help. Initially, if you’re not sure which service you need, we’ll talk you through the pros and cons of each and recommend which we think is the best option for your individual situation. Whichever option you go for, our service will include:


  • Protecting your assets – keeping the source code safe
  • Securing access – providing secure online access to it


Recovering lost source code


We can recover source code for .Net (Microsoft) applications, including:


  • Preserving original program logic – recovering source code for VB.Net, C#, Web Forms, Win Forms, WPF, MVC
  • Recovering “lost” source code from compiled executable s or web servers
  • Rebuilding broken source code repositories so your in-house developers can work on the system again
  • Decoding complicated binary files so that you can read and process data that you thought was ‘lost’
  • Re-developing “lost” source code – If you don’t have in-house developers, as part of our Project Rescue Service, we can help you by re-creating working and build able source code.


Ongoing support


Once we’ve retrieved the code for you, we can offer the following additional support and services:


  • Adding features or developments to software applications to give them long-term flexibility
  • Code and application support for a monthly fee under Service Level Agreement (SLA). Find out more about this on our Maintenance and Support page

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