Cloud Migration Service
Modernise your workflow and improve your application’s performance with Cloud migration.

What is Application Migration?


Application migration is an approach of establishing a software solution application from one instance to another. Besides data centers form one side or remote server to a cloud provider’s hosting instance or from the public cloud to a private cloud instance.


How Tappware Migrate Application in Cloud



Workload management alters significantly when an application moves to the cloud. Enterprises should calculate the cost of a cloud configuration before a migration to avoid unexpected surprises. IT staff needs to change their management processes to work as well in the cloud as they do locally. This can be achieved by any number of services and tools.

The big IaaS providers — AWS, Microsoft and Google — offer various cloud migration services as well as free tiers. Here are a few examples:









Google Cloud


Database migration

AWS Database Migration Service

Azure Database Migration Service

Database Migration Service (preview)

Data transfer appliance

Snow Family

Data Box

Transfer Appliance

Disaster recovery

CloudEndure Disaster Recovery

Azure Site Recovery


Online data transfer

AWS DataSync, AWS Transfer Family

Azure File Sync

BigQuery Data Transfer Service, Cloud Data Transfer

On-premises application analysis

AWS Application Discovery Service, Migration Evaluator

Azure Migrate, Movere, Azure Resource Mover


On-premises and cloud storage integration

Storage Gateway


N/A (offered by partner Cloudian)

Migration tracker

AWS Migration Hub

Azure Migrate


Server migration

AWS App2Container, AWS Server Migration Service, CloudEndure Migration

Azure Migrate

Migrate for Anthos, Migrate for Compute Engine, VM migration


Cloud cost calculators and estimation tools help enterprises determine the cost of a cloud configuration before the team makes the migration. Cloud optimization tools can offer recommendations for a particular cloud environment in areas such as cost, performance and security.


In the based of suggestions and recommendations Tappware development team finds the best solution for Migration process.
There are a few automation options for lift-and-shift migrations, but most important is to understand app performance and resource requirements prior to the more.


Benefits of Cloud Migration


  • Speed and efficiency – Migrating your application to the cloud means you can deploy more quickly, increasing your business’s overall efficiency. Services can be rapidly deployed, via “updates”, and can be ready for users within minutes.
  • Scalability – Unexpected surge in users, or increased usage around certain times of the year (i.e. Christmas)? Cloud providers bill you only for the resources you use, allowing you to plan for growth.
  • Maintenance – By migrating to a cloud solution, your cloud provider will take care of any maintenance to infrastructure that is required, eliminating the need for you to manually push updates to computers, patch servers or provision new hardware – all of which can be expensive and time-consuming tasks.
  • Security – A major concern for businesses is the safeguarding of data – whether this be information relating to customers, financial information or key business data. Physical data Centre security, together with the latest software security measures, help keep your data secure and safeguarded from unwanted breaches, keeping your application compliant with data security regulations (i.e. GDPR and the Data Protection Act).