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At Tappware, we understand that a well-executed plan is crucial for the success of any software project. We have developed a foolproof strategy that focuses on clear communication, detailed planning, and consistent monitoring of project progress. Our approach ensures that everyone involved in the project is on the same page, and any potential issues are identified and addressed promptly. We also prioritize regular updates and feedback from our clients to ensure that their needs and expectations are being met. By following our primary competency, we have achieved a proven track record of delivering high-quality software products on time and within budget, resulting in satisfied clients and long-term partnerships.

Describe and Explain

It is essential to conduct a comprehensive requirement analysis and collect all relevant data before beginning any development. In the process of developing software, it is the most crucial phase. Through meetings with clients, our business analyst team gathers the needs and offers their initial suggestions and feedback. To refine the business process and define […]


Access and Use

The main focus point of business development team is to clarify the business model and business operation including product/project budget, working capacity, quality of service, product life span and product accessibility. The user level design and user-based process flow diagram and business flow is also the key responsibility for Business development team. Fundamentally the accessibility […]


Design and Implementation

The most visually creative part of a software is its User Interface. We have a team of UI and UX experts who have years of expertise working on UI and UX. Additionally, they have expertise working for the government and private sector on large-scale software solutions.



The business development team and Quality assurance team work together to evaluate the project/product including product/project quality, security, acceptance, matching the actual requirements of the developed module, and also the budget of maintenance. One of the major processes is also done in this stage named UAT (User Acceptance Test) which is organized by the Tappware […]


Build and Manage

The infrastructure team deploys the project/product to the client side with will be provided by the client also the after-sales service will be stated ding the implementation of the project as per the business operation model. The business development team will be designing the maintenance plan including server preservation. software bug fixing and others. The […]


Disseminate information

In this phase of work, the Tappware business development team will organize a handover ceremony in the client’s place where both the side tech team and the infrastructure team will be present in the ceremony with the source code, architectural design, coding document, and user manual will be handover to the client. After the ceremony, […]


Stimulate change

If any new update/upgrade or bug arise from client side or the UAT session, the Tappware business development team will generate a change request document in this phase. To verify the change request or the bug document from the client side Tappware Business development team will take several sessions for the document. After the authentication […]


Deploy Competency

The infrastructure team from the client-side will deploy the project/product on a live server with the help of Tappware infrastructure team. The technical knowledge transfer session will be beginning from this phase. Both team will develop a technical deployment document for the session.


Demonstrate Knowledge

The end-user will experience the product/project for the first time in this phase. Both Tappware and the client business development team will arrange a few pieces of training sessions where the Tappware technical support team will accelerate the training session with the end-user. The business development team will collect the project/product accomplished document as well […]