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Digital Core Capabilities


Our company provides total technological know-how and support to help businesses thrive in the digital age. Our team of skilled professionals offers strategy advice, engineering, lifecycle management of customized products, and solution development services. We work closely with clients to identify their unique business needs and provide tailored recommendations using the latest technological solutions.

Our services ensure that our clients’ products are built to the highest standards and optimized for performance, reliability, and scalability. We’re here to provide the expertise and support you need to succeed.


Tappware Solutions Limited, founded in 2012 and Tappware has made the way from a promising tech startup to an advanced solution provider serving over million end users. Our solid knowledge on various verticals and business domains makes us a go-to partner in helping Government and Businesses run at their best. We have 10+ years […]


The Ability to be Visionary

We believe that long-term planning and imaginative thinking are essential to creating a promising future. In order to establish the area of the business process, we often assess the requirements’ scope, and we use creative problem-solving to pinpoint the process’s limitations, effects, and problems.


Effective Planning

The main components for developing a project and completing it on schedule are people, time, money, information, and equipment. We think that these important resources must be utilized to be responsibly and by carrying out an appropriate, effective plan with a targeted approach. We have skilled professional’s teams whose task is to prepare an […]


Skilled Manpower

Tappware has pool of qualified resources working as Project Manager, Business Analyst, Project Coordinator, System Architect, Infrastructure Expert, Development Lead, Data Scientist, Security Expert, Load Test Expert, Software Engineer, Mobile App Developer, NOC Engineer, UI/UX Designer, SQA Engineer, Support Engineer, Technical Documentation Writer and many other positions that are essential to a project. As a […]


Diverse Development Team

We believe, to develop a new product; every software firms must have skilled professionals/developers team. We have classified development team to develop the product and to ensure the 100% quality of the product. At first, to develop any products, we check the requirements and scope of the products and according to the requirements we […]


Efficient Strategy for Testing

In the process of developing software, testing is an extremely important process because it allows for the assessment of an applications/ software’s quality. Our company performs testing activities according to international standards. In addition, we do our best to meet the client’s deadline while incorporating our own planning and strategy.


Honesty and Total Transparency

We wholeheartedly believe that no business is meant for a day. We value the future opportunity of every business more than the present opportunity. whereby our current customer is also our future partner. We therefore strive to maintain our business and client relationships with the utmost honesty and transparency.


Dedication to the Cause

Whenever a problem arises, we believe that the best way to solve it is to go to the root of the problem. In order to monitor and follow the reasons from their root, we have a trained analytic team, tester team, and specialized monitoring supervisors. Who are committed to offering assistance around-the-clock (24/7).


Time Management & On-time Delivery

Time Management & On-time Delivery is one of the main factor to produce a quality full product and to maintain a healthy relation with client also to build a strong reputation in the market. This specialist monitoring team makes sure that the delivery is delivered on schedule. They keep track of the progress in […]


Logistics and Accessories

Logistics and accessories play a vital role to a company for product delivery. Or we can say, product delivery is mostly dependent on the logistics and accessories of the company. Knowing this, we frequently attempt to improve the logistics we already have while also acquiring the most up-to-date logistics to help us adapt to the […]


24/7 Maintenance and Support

Tappware provides professional services to its clients in each stage of deployment, from initial consultation to on-site and remote configuration and training. Once the delivered solution is in place, Tappware also offers 24×7 support through helpdesk, onsite emergency support and onsite insourcing.