The Audit Management and Monitoring System Version 2.0 (AMMS 2.0) project aims to develop an integrated system which will create a single source of truth regarding audit activities of OCAG apart from streamlining and standardizing the audit processes, ensuring compliance with global standards and increasing efficiency and effectiveness.


On that day, Senior Audit Officer and Tappware teamĀ  sitting togetherĀ  to discuss on various system issue, challenges and how to successfully plan on that problem. Some discussion and feedback on that day are given below:


Meeting Feedback:

1. AMMS Hosting Plan has been shown to the Senior sir Md Mahbubul Hoque and OCAG team. The plan has discussed in details with them. Now they will decide which plan they will go for.
2. Whether there is any chance of the project or system failing has also been discussed.
3. Also been discussed the challenges of project or system failure issues.
4. What are the possible problems while operating the system and how to recover them are discussed in meeting.
5. We will provide them with all the technical assistance they need to make this Hosting Plan successfully implement.
6. We need to be attend the meetings with funding committee with OCAG team to implement this plan and raise the need for this.
7. They will get ready internal team for system support.
8. OCAG may need to hire some new support team members (2 team members for every director) for the next 1 year.
9. On the 5th of the next month AMMS 2.0 system will be officially lunched.
10. Using this system will actually reduce the cost to give a detail picture of it.